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Xerox Adds Two Tools to ProfitAccelerator Business Portfolio

Xerox Adds Two Tools to ProfitAccelerator Business Portfolio

BIRMINGHAM, U.K. -- Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) has added two new resources to its business development portfolio designed to help graphic communications professionals find new ways to grow and manage their digital businesses.

"To survive and prosper in today's competitive print marketplace, print providers need to look beyond the technology and focus on the right business model," said Quincy Allen, president, Xerox Production Systems Group. "Xerox's comprehensive business development resources will help customers maximize their digital technology investments and accelerate a path to success."

Putting Lean Six Sigma to Work
Xerox's Digital Readiness Assessment allows Xerox to help customers generate digital applications, drive revenue and prepare to take advantage of opportunities that digital printing offers.

After a series of consultations with the customer, Xerox will analyze 17 critical elements of their business and benchmark the customer's digital business against the world's most successful digital graphic communications companies. A comprehensive report is generated for the company's senior executives detailing the top three recommendations needed for the business to grow and become more profitable.

"There's nothing like this resource in the industry. Xerox is not only providing great technology but also bringing business strategy and planning ideas to the table," said industry analyst Peter Muir, president, Bizucate Inc. "This service will help both digitally-savvy owners, and those new to digital, create a strategic plan on how to make digital printing a vital part of their business. But execution, as in any business strategy, is the key to stay ahead of the competition."

The assessment was one outcome of a Lean Six Sigma project in which Xerox specialists convened to better understand how many pages customers were printing on digital production presses. The assessment itself is based on Lean Six Sigma methodologies, uses Xerox proprietary software and services, and reflects the input of graphic communications industry consultants and customers. Xerox Lean Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven method of reducing waste and variation in processes so they consistently deliver products and services at the quality levels, speed and prices that customers value.

According to Muir, this type of service could cost up to $5,000 including the report, consulting and follow-up work, and depending on the customer's business condition, commitment and direction they want the business to take. And Xerox is offering it at no charge during its initial launch.

New Digital Sales Management Tools
Xerox is also sharing its expertise to help print providers hire and train a digital sales force. Built on Xerox's proven sales methods, the Digital Printing Sales Management Guide shows businesses how to educate their sales forces to better understand their customer requirements and be able to capture new digital revenue.

The Digital Printing Sales Management tool provides information and best practices that show graphic communications professionals how to hire, pay and manage a digital sales force. Key strategies of the guide include: planning and training for digital printing; leading a winning digital sales team; measuring and maximizing sales performance; and rewarding the sales force.

Both offerings are part of Xerox's ProfitAccelerator™ Digital Business Resources collection, the largest in the industry with 40 tools, programs and services.

Industry Experts at IPEX
During IPEX 2006, Xerox has invited five industry experts to speak in the ProfitAccelerator Theatre in Xerox's booth about how graphic communications professionals can make the most of digital printing.

Speakers and topics are: "Making Money in Digital Print," Roger Gimbel, president, RP Gimbel and Associates; "Creative and Personalized Printing," Chris Jordan, general manager, Jordan and Jordan; "Growing Revenue With Digital as a Complement to Offset," Andy Tribute, managing partner, Attributes Associates; "Adobe Solutions for Creative Professionals," Harry Miller, worldwide business manager, Adobe Systems Inc.; and "Hot Digital Applications," Paul Ratcliffe, general manager, Marketing Stuff.

The Digital Readiness Assessment will be implemented worldwide by Xerox sales representatives and be translated into multiple languages by the end of the year. The Digital Printing Sales Management Guide is available worldwide through Xerox sales representatives.

Xerox Adds Two Tools to ProfitAccelerator Business Portfolio

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