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Xerox, Exstream Join To Help Customers Improve Communications

Xerox, Exstream Join To Help Customers Improve Communications

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) and Exstream Software Inc. today announced a partnership that will pair Xerox consulting and managed services with Exstream's enterprise personalization software, Dialogueâ„¢, to help businesses improve customer relationships through the use of customized communications.

"With the average consumer receiving more than 3,000 messages a day, personalization is a key tool in helping companies reach their intended audience with the right message," said Howard Holley, vice president, Document Outsourcing and Communication Services, Xerox Global Services. "Through Xerox's Communication Engineering consulting service, which combines behavioral science and design methodologies, our clients are able to deliver materials that elicit the desired response from the customer."

Through the partnership, Xerox Global Services will resell and deploy Exstream's Dialogue software, allowing clients in a wide range of industries - including telecommunication companies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, and utilities - to create, manage and provide fully personalized customer communications, such as statements, bills, policies, enrollment kits, welcome guides and general customer service correspondence.

"By working with Xerox, we deliver a solution that creates added value by providing materials to customers that help them market more quickly and at a reduced cost," said Rich Troksa, vice president of business development at Exstream.

About Exstream Software
Headquartered in Lexington, Ky., Exstream Software helps businesses around the world connect with their customers through higher quality, fully personalized customer communications delivered by mail, e-mail and the Internet. For more information about Exstream Software and its market-leading Dialogue technology, visit www.exstream.com.

About Xerox Global Services
Xerox Global Services helps organizations streamline and digitize document processes such as invoices, policies and procedures, billing, training, and records management. Xerox consultants work closely with companies to identify, quantify and realize opportunities to save money, find new sources of value, mitigate risks, and simplify how work gets done.

Xerox, Exstream Join To Help Customers Improve Communications

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