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KYOCERA MITA establishes new Nordic Headquarters

KYOCERA MITA establishes new Nordic Headquarters

KYOCERA MITA Corporation (herein "KYOCERA MITA") has announced the creation of a new Nordic Headquarters facility in Stockholm Sweden, KYOCERA MITA Nordic AB (renamed from current sales company of KYOCERA MITA Svenska AB), that will provide and strengthen the strategic and tactical support for KYOCERA MITA sales companies and branch office in the Nordic region starting on April 1st, 2011. Specifically, KYOCERA MITA Nordic AB will provide support for “KYOCERA MITA Danmark A/S” (Head office: Copenhagen, Denmark), “KYOCERA MITA Finland OY” (Head office: Helsinki, Finland), “KYOCERA MITA Norge” (Office: Oslo, Norway)*1, as well as continuous support for the local Swedish market.

Up until now, the sales companies and branch office in the 4 countries have been implementing their sales strategy individually. From now on, KYOCERA MITA Nordic AB will consolidate the marketing activities for all 4 countries, and strengthen the sales and service structure in meeting customer’s MDS *2 needs. In order to be successful, special teams in sales, marketing, service and others will be established. In addition, infrastructure systems that can correspond to consolidated strategy in sales activity, concentration of management function, and commercial distribution change will also be established.

*1 Branch office under direct control from sales company in Sweden
*2 Managed Document Services (A total solution that optimizes customer’s entire output process from hardware to workflows and staff productivity)


  Company name : KYOCERA MITA Nordic AB
  Business outline : Headquarters support to sales companies in Nordic region and sales support within Sweden
  Starting operation : April 1, 2011
  Representative : Toshihiro Saga
  Location : Stockholm, Sweden


KYOCERA MITA Corporation      Mr. T. Kawasaki    c-com@kyoceramita.co.jp
KYOCERA MITA establishes new Nordic Headquarters

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